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  • Kosovo hails discovery of ancient Roman site

    on Feb 4, 14 • in Archaeology, Excavation, Kosovo, News, Roman period • with Comments Off on Kosovo hails discovery of ancient Roman site

    Kosovo’s Ministry of Culture hailed the discovery of the 300-square-meter Roman-era site in Dresnik, in Klina municipality, northwest Kosovo as “one of the most important in recent decades in the field of archaeology”. The find by the Kosovo Archeological Institute is reportedly unique in Kosovo, as the floor of every room of the building is covered by colourful mosaics. Searches in the area started in 2012. Archaeologists still have not determined the exact period of construction or what its purpose was. As those disputes continue, a separate problem is that Kosovo cannot propose the site for

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  • Projects: Disputed Histories

    on Sep 1, 13 • in Anthropology, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Education, History, Kosovo, Montenegro, News, Politics, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia • with Comments Off on Projects: Disputed Histories

    The Disputed Histories Library is a collection of text-books from primary and secondary schools, that have been in use in different time periods on the territory of ex-Yugoslavia. The purpose of starting this library by Vahida Ramujkic, was for it to be accessible to the general public, so as to inspire series of workshops, discussions and new projects. Until now it was available in Youth Center Crna Kuca in Novi Sad, on Spaport Bienalle in Banja Luka, in Knjizara of CZKD in Belgrade and in the NGBK Gallery in Berlin. It turns out that students at

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  • Revealing the mysteries of Kosovo’s Roman ruins

    on Aug 29, 13 • in Archaeology, Excavation, History, Kosovo, News, Roman period, Serbia • with Comments Off on Revealing the mysteries of Kosovo’s Roman ruins

    A Roman site covered with multi-colored mosaics is now under excavation in the small village of Dresnik in northwestern Kosovo. This is one the biggest finds in Kosovo in the past four decades. Digging first started in September 2012 under head archaeologist Masar Valla, who believes the site spreads over as much as 50 hectares. Diggers have so far opened up a 200 square-metre area — which is believed to be the ground floor of a public building or an urban villa. Archaeologists have still not determined the exact period of construction or what the

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  • Archaeological Guide of Kosovo

    on Feb 25, 13 • in Archaeology, Cultural heritage, Kosovo, Museum, News • with Comments Off on Archaeological Guide of Kosovo

    The joint effort of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Kosovo and the Kosovo Institute of Archaeology resulted with a guide through the archaeological sites of Kosovo. This is very important, regarding the rich cultural heritage which was completely blocked due to the many years of war. A prefatory note to this publication was written by Memli Krasniqi, currently the Minister of Culture of Kosovo. Dear friends, The guide that you already have in your hands marks a very significant step towards documentation and presentation of our archaeological heritage. This guide is a short summary,

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  • Germany returns lost ancient artifacts to Kosovo

    on Feb 25, 13 • in Archaeology, Art, Kosovo, Museum, Neolithic, News, Serbia • with Comments Off on Germany returns lost ancient artifacts to Kosovo

    Kosovo’s culture minister on Friday said Germany had returned seven millennia-old artifacts that were smuggled out during the 1998-1999 war with Serbia and were unexpectedly found in a German police raid, AFP reports. The seven terracotta items, including a small bowl, date back to the neolithic era, between 3,500 to 4,000 BC. They were found by German police in an unrelated investigation against two Serbs several years ago, Memli Krasniqi said, adding that it took a while to confirm the items came from Kosovo. According to the minister, Serbia stole scores of artefacts from Kosovo during the

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  • Exhibition: ‘Resplendent Dress From Southeastern Europe’

    on Feb 18, 13 • in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cultural heritage, Ethnography, Etnology, Exhibition, Kosovo, Montenegro, News, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia • with Comments Off on Exhibition: ‘Resplendent Dress From Southeastern Europe’

    The countries of southeastern Europe maintain some of the most elaborate and diverse traditions of dress in western Eurasia. Beyond their beauty and their importance as markers of identity in a landscape of great cultural diversity, these garments also preserve strong traces of the developmental stages of modern “Western” dress, which begins with a simple string skirt. “Resplendent Dress From Southeastern Europe: A History in Layers” ― on view at the Fowler Museum at UCLA from March 10 through July 14 ― explores the traditional garments of 12 small countries and shows the major historical

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