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Bazaar WW1 2015


Within the International Conference titled as “First World War in the collective memory – Exchange of experiences in the Balkan”, which is supposed to be held in Skopje, on 5th – 6th November 2015, in City Hall Center, on 5th of November in 09:00 o’clock, the exhibition of the Association of craft artists (ZUR) “Macedonian handicrafts” Bitola will take place.

Within this sales exhibition, there will be exhibited various types of handicrafts thematically connected to the First World War and its features, as well as handicrafts from their permanent assortment.

Members of this Association that have been actively involved in the protection and promotion of a certain segments of the Macedonian tradition and culture, in the same time will have an opportunity to present to the public part of their contemporary, stylized, handicrafts inspired exactly by the Macedonian tradition and culture.

BAZAAR I First World War in the collective memory