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Municipalities in Macedonia

The Republic of Macedonia is divided into 80 municipalities; 10 of the municipalities constitute the City of Skopje (or Greater Skopje), a distinct unit of local self-government and the country’s capital. Following the mission regarding the management of the heritage of the Republic of Macedonia, the team of HAEMUS subsequently in the last couple of years takes part in many projects created and implemented by the different municipalities.

Map of the municipalities in Macedonia



– Municipality of Kriva Palanka: The Grandma March exhibition 2017
– Municipality of Skopje: Rosalia -> Festival of roses (within Skopje Kreativa 2017)
– Municipality of Kavadarci: Vinalia Rustica 2017
– Municipality of Center: Scientific study about the intangible heritage of Debar Maalo and cultural promotion of Bohemian quarter