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Strategy for tourism development in the East Planning Region

In the last period members of HAEMUS were part of the “Strategy for tourism development in the East Planning Region (EPR) and Action Plan (2016-2024)“. The final version of the “Strategy was adopted by the Council for Development of East Planning Region in December 2015 . Following the adoption of the strategy all stakeholders in tourism, including customers, local government and public sector, private businesses and civil society from the East Planning Region will be able to start implementing the defined priorities.

 EPR - strategy for tourism 1

As part of this project a team of experts regarding tourism, cultural heritage, natural heritage, tourism as well as the people engaged in the local economical development. Many meetings, workshops, and conferences were organized in order to support the main vision of the Strategy in the next few years to create some respectable tourist destinations, whose products are based on natural, intangible and tangible cultural heritage of the region and the tradition of the people who are living here. Also were mad an efforts to create recognizable products/souvenirs recognized for their quality and fully adapted to the requirements and needs of modern travelers.

EPR - strategy for tourism 2

The project was implemented by the expert team within the consortium: IDEA O.K. – BDS Consulting, Skopje, 2015. The project was financed by the  Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) via Pharmahem Skopje.