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Meet our team

Vasilka Dimitrovska 

Co-founder/owner of HAEMUS and HAEMUS Journal

Member of HAEMUS Board

Vasilka Dimitrovska

First Name: Vasilka
Last Name: Dimitrovska
Title: M. Sci. in prehistoric archaeology
Position: Director of HAEMUS
Email: dimitrovska@haemus.org.mk

Vasilka Dimitrovska works as a field archaeologist at HAEMUS – center for scientific research and promotion of culture. She is researcher and blogger from the Republic of Macedonia, engaged in public archaeology and cultural heritage. Vasilka is a Ms. Sci. in archaeology from University of Belgrade, and currently is a PhD. candidate in prehistoric archaeology. She takes part in many excavations, writes and publishes scientific and popular articles on archaeological issues, participates in public debates and symposiums and gives professional advice. Her area of expertise in archaeology is prehistory, mainly stone tools, technology and raw materials. In 2010 Vasilka was proclaimed one of the most influential bloggers in the Balkans and accepted the award for best promoter of cultural heritage in the Republic of Macedonia. She is a member of EAA, AARG and MAND. She supports the use of CC licenses and free and open access to knowledge on the Internet. Vasilka is also a professional licenced tourist guide and with her experience she helps training new tourist guides.

Web pagehttp://arheo.com.mk
Twitter: @Arheoblog ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Maja Kuzmanoska 

Co-founder of HAEMUS and Member of HAEMUS Board

Maja Kuzmanoska

First Name: Maja

Last Name: Kuzmanoska

Title: B.A. in English Language and Literature

Position: Co-founder of Haemus

Email: kuzmanoska@haemus.org.mk coming soon …


Lidija Kovacheva 

Secretary of HAEMUS Journal | ICH Colsultant in HAEMUS

Lidija Kovacheva

First Name: Lidija
Last Name: Kovacheva
Title: Ph.D. in Clasical Philology
Position: Secretary of Haemus Journal
Email: secretary@haemus.org.mk

Lidija Kovacheva is a graduated classical philologist and currently she is an assistant professor in Ancient History of Balkan and History of Art at the University EURO-Balkan (Skopje, Macedonia). Her research is mainly focused on the comparative analysis of the folk customs, rituals, beliefs and the symbolic understandings in the ancient folks traditions and the folk tradition on the territory of Republic of Macedonia. Her field of interest are: Classical Art, Byzantine Art, Ancient History, History of Christianity, Medieval History, Religious Studies, History of Religion, Comparative Religion, Ancient Religion, Mythology, Classical Studies, Magic etc. She is author of 3 books, ,,Dictionary of Macedonian folk festivals, customs and beliefs”, author of 2 textbooks for secondary education, author of 4 CD Roms, 1 Audio CD and as part of her research more than fifty papers are published within journals, edited books and encyclopedias.

Academia.edu profilehttps://goo.gl/ThbXLp


Associated partners  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Magdalena Tanevska 

Ethnologist|Anthropologist and historical clothes reenactor in HAEMUS 

Magdalena Tanevska

First Name: Magdalena

Last Name: Tanevska

Title: B.A. in Ethnology|Anthropology

Position: Ethnologist|Anthropologist in Haemus

Email: tanevska@haemus.org.mk

Magdalena Tanevska is a graduated ethnologist and anthropologist. She has completed textile high school in Skopje and later graduated from the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology at the University Skopje. As ethnologist and anthropologist she is an author of several short documentary movies with urban topics. During the studies, she participated in field activities, research and projects in the field of ethnology and anthropology. Parallel to this activity, she has participated in many workshops and seminars in the field of fashion design.  In order for presentation and visualization of cultural heritage, Tanevska produced a large collection of ancient Roman costumes as part of the HAEMUS brand ,,SCUPINI ROMANI”. Currently she working as a fashion designer and produces clothing and accessories in her own fashion atelier ,, Magda “in Skopje, Macedonia.

Official web sitehttp://www.magdastation.com


Dimitar Krstevski

IT manager and web consultant

Dimitar Krstevski

First Name: Dimitar Last Name: Krstevski Title: Engineer in Informatics Position: IT mаnager Email: krstevski@haemus.org.mk

Dimitar Krstevski is an Engineer in Informatics – Computer Architecture and Networks module. His main areas of interest are computer networks, system administration and Linux. Side-to-side with his full time employment, he works as a Cisco Networking Ambassador on their official Facebook page. Beside managing a Facebook page with more than 400k fans, he enjoys playing with WordPress and developing web sites. He discovered WordPress back in 2007 and until today he uses it as a main platform on most of the sites he is managing.

Website: http://alifaan.com/
Twitter: @alifaan