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The cultural properties inherited from previous generations – or those that appear in present times – are a precious and non-renewable source of knowledge. Also known as “cultural resources”, they serve as a link to our past and belong to everyone as part of our common human heritage. A Cultural Resources Management (CRM) or Heritage Programme within the scope of Haemus has been established in order to manage cultural resources such as: archaeological sites, historical buildings and structures, landscapes, as well as objects considered to be common heritage. As a centre for scientific research and promotion of culture, Haemus is committed to protecting and managing these irreplaceable resources in partnership with the central government, other NGOs, institutions, organizations and local governments by:

– conducting scientific research in the fields of archaeology, history, culture and art;

– providing expert advice during construction works where heritage resources are present;

– identifying and evaluating heritage resources through exploration, prospection and excavation;

– conducting historical studies of space and monuments of culture;

– performing a variety of specialist tasks in collaboration with relevant experts;

– managing museum property collections.

We also prepare, manage and provide logistic support in the preparation of strategies for managing cultural resources in the Republic of Macedonia and the Balkan Peninsula.

Haemus implements its activities through scientific research, education, cultural promotion and popularization of heritage resources, as well as by organizing programs connected to cultural tourism. Should you have any questions or requests pertaining to the Cultural Resources Management Program, please feel free to contact us.