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Scupini Romani – Ancient Roman food pottery

Roman food during the festival SCUPINI ROMANI 2016 in Skopje

We know that the biggest attraction of every our event is the tasting of food and wine prepared according to the recipes of the ancient Romans and served in pottery that is specially made for our brand. Each piece of ceramics and wood in which the food is arranged is made by hand by artisans, as inspiration from the artifacts found at the archaeological sites from the Roman period on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.

Roman food during the festival SCUPINI ROMANI 2016 in Skopje

One of the most prized crafts in antiquity was bakery. The Romans called their bread panis and made it in several forms such as: trigons – panis trifi dus, tetragons – panis quadratus, pentagons, hectagons and octagons. For everyday use they often used a large round loaf, usually baked in ashes. One of the most beautiful wreaths in the shape of a wreath was called panis which had many sub variants. Usually for the SCUPINI ROMANI events, we are making the Roman bread libum or popularly called Roman cheesecake .

Type of ancient roman food prepared for the SCUPINI ROMANI events


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