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HAEMUS part of the RCC Triple P Focus Group Meeting in Belgrade

Guided tour through Belgrade Jewish cemetery

On behalf HAEMUS team, Ms Vasilka Dimitrovska, director of HAEMUS was a part of the Focus Group Meeting dedicated to the development of the regional umbrella identity Western Balkans – Crossroads of Civilizations, and a regional route dedicated to the post-World War II monuments, Balkan Monumental Trail, held on 23-25 April 2019, in Belgrade, Serbia. The meeting was organized by the Regional Cooperation Council and its Triple P Tourism Project.

RCC Triple P Focus Group Meeting in Belgrade, 23-25 April 2019


This Focus Group brought together professionals from the private sector from the six Western Balkans economies with the purpose to discuss options for creating the most feasible regional cultural tourism itineraries under the above two themes. The meeting was also an opportunity to collect information that will be useful for development of future governance and management structure, and for development of marketing strategy for each theme. The outputs of this meeting will be decisive for determining core itineraries themes and storytelling developed around them, as well as for business model, brand and marketing strategy. Within the meeting, the group had a guided visit on 23 April afternoon to Jewish Cemetery designed by Bogdan Bogdanovic and to Belgrad Fortress – Kalemegdan.

Guided tour through Belgrade Fortress “Kalemegdan”