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HAEMUS Publications – upcoming Byzantine heritage of Skopje Travel Guide


The Byzantine art and architecture from the moment it was created until today attracts interest and excitement, both to the experts and to the believers, and to all the lovers of the cultural heritage as well. As a region with a vast heritage from different epochs and cultural periods, Skopje region abounds in Christian buildings from all historical eras, ranging from the Roman period to the late Middle Ages. This sacral cultural heritage reflects the cultural tradition and memory of the local communities and represents a set of values ​​that have been created over many centuries. The people in the local churches have embodied all of their creative genius: philosophy – religion, construction, literacy, painting and carving, leaving behind a masterpiece with encyclopedic meaning.

Considering the great interest in Byzantine art and architecture, as well as the increased number of tourists who visit Skopje each year, the HAEMUS team with a financial support of the City of Skopje started to create a specialized travel guide book through the Byzantine heritage of Skopje. We hope that this kind of scientifically popular travel book would be an excellent source of information for existing and potential tourists from the country and abroad.

Publisher: HAEMUS
Publishing date: December 2019
Support: The City of Skopje