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HAEMUS signed a memorandum of cooperation with the school for children with special needs


Recently HAEMUS signed a memorandum of cooperation with “SPS Idnina Skopje” (Special Primary School “Idnina” from Skopje). We expressed our will to help to children with disabilities to learn more about the rich cultural heritage that surrounds us, through our joint creative workshops. The special primary school “Idnina” – Skopje is a safe environment which accept and educate pupil with mild and combined disabilities in psycho physical development. They employ qualified staff of defectologists, as well as an expert team composed of a speech therapist, a psychologist and a social worker. All of them together provide students with pleasant conditions and a positive working environment, mutual respect, communication and understanding. In the school there is concern for students through individual work according to their abilities, opportunities and interests.

The director of “HAEMUS” is signing a memorandum of cooperation with the director of “Idnina” – school for children with special needs


Our very first collaboration happened on the occasion of celebration of the 1st of March, the day when “martinki”, a hand-made woven bracelets from red and white thread are given to the beloved one. We’ve organized our annual event this year at “Capitol Mall” in Skopje and a special day was dedicated to the pupil from the Special Primary School “Idnina”. Students of ethnology were helping during a workshop in which the kids made “martinki” in many shapes by themselves.

Children with special needs at our workshop of “martinki”, Capitol Mall Skopje, 28.02.2019



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