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SHELeadersVR – our Creative Europe project


We would like to highlight the beginning of the activities of our latest project entitled “SHELeaders” (Balkan Female Rulers),  supported by the Creative Europe program. We are proud to share the sketch of the project symbol created by our collaborator and great artist Emir Durmišević.

Activities in Skopje on 14.09.2022

The activities within the project “SheLeadersVR” began with the photogrammetric recording and digitization of artifacts in the Museum of Macedonia in Skopje. The main aim of the project is selection of prominent women who ruled their reign in medieval age in the Western Balkans countries or women who excelled in various fields and are historical figures because of their capability and achievements notwithstanding patriarchal and difficult environments, is the first topic of our approach. The following are a few examples that we want to study in depth in terms of their lives, habits, successes, difficulties; we will research as well the environments around them in order to write scenarios based upon history and create stories to be presented in VR and AR.

In this project, HAEMUS is involved as organization and logistics for the part of the story that takes place on the territory of Macedonia, and our creative director Vasilka Dimitrovska, MSci. is additionally involved as a scientific consultant of the Archaeological Institute from Belgrade.

The partners in this project are:

Udruženje za digitalizaciju i informatizaciju kulturne baštine “Digi.ba”
NoHo Ireland
SSST – Univerzitet Sarajevo School of Science and Technology
Narodni muzej Crne Gore
Arheološki institut Beograd