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Creative industry trainings about the e-entrepreneurship


In the period between 01-10.12.2020 HAEMUS organized trainings for e-entrepreneurship in the field of creative industries. The main goal of this project was concrete and practical education, as well as raising awareness of the opportunities offered with the help of the digital economy. The central focus of the project were the workshops methodologically designed to cover the most basic information, problems, advantages and challenges faced by all who independently, or within an organization, institution or company step into this type of activity. The target group, whether they are individuals or legal entities, were individual authors, craftsmen and small and medium enterprises or legal entities that are part of the creative industry of Skopje.

Before selecting the specific topics for training, in order for better realization of the series of workshops, the project management and implementation plan started with two online surveys (one public survey and one pre-registration accompanied by a survey made as Google Doc applications). These surveys were answered by 66 respondents from the field of creative industries, to questions that helped us to narrow the selection of lecturers and topics for the workshops.

Lecturer during the online trainings of the creative sector

The trainings for the registered participants were free of charge and they were organized online, through the ZOOM platform. The project was in co-partnership with MkHost.mk, Ukion.mk, Pepeljugoski Law Office and New Moment Skopje company as well as with few other successful creative entrepreneurs. The project was financially co-supported by the City of Skopje, within the program for support of the Sector for Local Economic Development for 2020.

The following online workshops about the e-entrepreneurship in the field of creative industries were organized :

01.12.2020 – “Workshop for opening and managing an e-shop” by M.s Vasilka Dimitrovska, M.Sc., director of HAEMUS and HAEMUS Travel and owner of 2 online shops
02.12.2020 – “Workshop for creating your first web site” by Ms. Irena Madzovska and Ms. Marija Dimitrijevska from the MkHost team, company that offers websites, hosting domains.
03.12.2020 – “Workshop on PR and Internet marketing” by Ms. Eli Pesheva, MA, director of New Moment New Ideas, a company that deals with creative marketing with a special emphasis on new media.
04.12.2020 – “Workshop on the benefits of online sales through e-shop” by Mr. Viktor Ustijanoski, owner of Ukion.mk, a company that offers web design, online stores, hosting and domains.
07.12.2020 – “Workshop for protection of copyright, patents and designs on the Internet” by Ms. Ana Pepeljugoska, Ph.D., copyright expert and partner in the law office “Pepeljugoski”.
10.12.2020 – “Workshop for creative visualization and sale of products” by Maja Kuzmanoska, artist and entrepreneur, one of the most successful individuals who sells handicrafts on the ETSY platform.