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HAEMUS part of the ‘Europe’s Culture – close to you’ campaign

Photo credit by Vasilka Dimitrovska from HAEMUS

This summer, European Commission launched the social media campaign ‘Europe’s Culture – close to you’. The aim of the campaign is to encourage Europeans to re-discover the beauty and richness of destinations close to their homes, in a safe and sustainable way. The campaign is backed up by digital resources, including the new Re-open EU interactive map. The main hashtag of the campaign is #EuropeForCulture. On this occasion, Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, tweeted:

Interpret Europe is playing a big part of European culture by showing how experiencing heritage first-hand can create deeper connections throughout Europe. To its members they sent a request for an image from across the continent capturing a different view of the heritage close to them. Since few of HAEMUS member are part of the IE community, we’ve replied with couple of photos and the below is the one which was chosen by the Interpret Europe committee.

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Posted by HAEMUS on Saturday, August 15, 2020

Strictly speaking, since the #EuropeForCulture hashtag isn’t limited to the ongoing ‘Europe’s Culture Close to you’ campaign, but it was originally created for the European Year of Cultural heritage, we use it in this context as it fits and it’s a strong brand to promote Macedonian heritage. You can find our photos with the quotes on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles.

In addition, a slide show from the contributions that Interpret Europe received, was created . So, take a break and enjoy in the diversity of heritage across the Europe, including Macedonian archaeo-astronomical site Kokino!