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Exhibition WW1 2015

An exhibition under the name ,,The Front in Republic of Macedonia” will take place during the two-day conference in Skopje. The exhibition is work of the French Institute in Skopje with support by the Government of Lower-Normandy Region. This exhibition already was established on 24th of April this year at the Osten Gallery during the official remembering of First World War.

The exhibition is composed by 12+1 documentary plates, which through photos and text (on Macedonian and French) is documenting the events in Macedonia during WWI. The goal of this project is to be an educational and promotional material for this period. This event is drawing attention on the events in Macedonia during WWI, which have to be interpreted as a part of the European culture.

Exhibition Panelsabout the First World War in Macedonia


On the Macedonia Front, which was stretching from the Ohrid Lake to Dojran, in the period from the autumn 1915 to September of 1918 more than one million people and more than 10 different armies clashed. Around 350.000 soldiers from them were members of East French Army.