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The main and primary goal of Haemus is scientific and scholar research in the fields of archaeology, history, culture and art. We aim to achieve this through:

– providing expert advice and assistance in building operations at known and previously unknown archaeological and/or historical sites;
– helping with, or conducting archaeological excavations, archaeological recognition, site inspection and assessment of archaeological potential;
– preparing historical studies of space and cultural monuments (collection of information, plans, maps and pictures);
– providing specialist work, like drawing artefacts, preparing photo-documentation and restoration courses in cooperation with appropriate specialists.

Particular attention is paid to the dissemination of the cultural heritage of Macedonia and the Balkans through publication of expert and popular books, brochures, ancillary works, catalogues and maps with the aim of introducing archaeology, history and common culture to the professional and public media in an accurate and truthlul manner. We also provide advice and assistance in the creation of audio-visual materials, such as audio-guides, documentaries, videos and other promotional material relating to cultural heritage.