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Settlements, Culture and Population Dynamics in Balkan Prehistory
International conference Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
13-14 March 2015, City Museum of Skopje + EU Infocentre



18:00 Poster Session
Opening speech: Nevenka Atanasoska and Jakim Donevski

Rachael Marnie (University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh), Paweł Wójcicki (Institute of Archeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warszawa)
The Late Paleolithic, the Epipaleolithic and the Mesolithic Areas in Europe – According to the Adaptations Theoretical Approach

Nikola Vukosavljević (Department of Archaeology, University of Zagreb, Zagreb), Ivor Karavanić (Department of Archaeology, University of Zagreb, Zagreb), Rajna Šošić Klindžić (Department of Archaeology, Zagreb), Kruno Zubčić (Croatian Conservation Institute, Zagreb), Natalija Čondić (Archaeological Museum Zadar, Zadar), James C.M. Ahern (Department of Anthropology, University of Wyoming, Laramie)
Late Mousterian in Dalmatia – Some Recent Data

Dario Vujević (Department of Archaeology, University of Zadar, Zadar), Mate Parica (Department of Archaeology, University of Zadar, Zadar),
Vlakno Cave – Upper Palaeolithic and Early Mesolithic Site on Dugi otok (Croatia)

Tanya Dzhanfezova (St. Cyril and St Methodius University, Veliko Turnovo), Chris Doherty (Oxford University, Oxford), Nedko Elenski (Regional Historical Museum, Veliko Turnovo)
New insights on the Early Neolithic pottery from Dzhulyunitsa (North Bulgaria)

Todor Valchev (Regional historical museum, Yambol)
The Horn Sickle from the Prehistoric Settlement Mound Yasa Tepe near the Village of Kabile, Yambol Municipality, Bulgaria

Selena Vitezović (Institute of Archaeology, Belgrade)
Used Astragals from Pavlovac-Kovačke Njive

Nataša Miladinović-Radmilović (Institute of Archaeology, Belgrade)
Anthropological Analysis of the Remains of Cremated Burials

Tzvetana Popova (National Institute of Archeology and Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia)
Subsistence Economy in the Territory of Bulgaria during Neo-Chalcolithic Period

Snježana Karavanić (Institute of Archaeology, Zagreb), Andreja Kudelić (Institute of Archaeology, Zagreb)
Depositional Process of the Bronze Age House

Florin Ridiche (Museum of Oltenia, Craiova), Lucian Popescu-Vava (Museum of Oltenia, Craiova), Ceaciru Cristian (Museum of Oltenia, Craiova)
Bronze Age and Late Iron Age (Latène) Cremation Graves from Desa (Dolj county, Romania)

Nikos Chausidis (Department of archaeology, University of Skopje, Skopje)
The Iconography, Symbolism and Religious Use of Iron Age Cluster Pendants as Part of the Group of “Macedonian Bronzes”

Martina Čelhar (Department of Archaeology, University of Zadar, Zadar), Mato Ilkić (Department of Archaeology, University of Zadar, Zadar), Mate Parica (Department of Archaeology, University of Zadar, Zadar), Dario Vujević (Department of Archaeology, University of Zadar, Zadar)
Ričul – prehistoric underwater site in northern Dalmatia (Croatia)

Valentina Todoroska (HAEMUS – Center for Scientific Research and Promotion of Culture, Skopje/Archaeological Museum of Macedonia, Skopje)
Pile-dwelling Prehistoric Tool Kit for Surviving

Sabina Veseli (Institute of Archaeology, Department of Antiquity, Center of Albanian Studies, Tirana)
Archaic Finds in the Iron Age Cemetery of Borova (Kolonja South East Albania)

Milan Horňák (Via Magna s.r.o., Martin), Ján Zachar (Via Magna s.r.o., Martin), Seta Štuhec (Via Magna s.r.o., Martin)
3D Documentation of the Archaeological Park Brazda

Alexandra Comsa (Institute of Archaeology, Bucharest)
The dwellings and settlements as elements of paleodemographic study

Lidija Kovacheva (Euro Balkan University, Skopje)
Artistic Expression Through Postage Stamps