HAEMUS partnership with Pivara Skopje AD

HAEMUS partnership with Pivara Skopje AD

Original bottle of 0.7 l from 1924, from the beginnings of Parna Pivara AD Skopje

Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, boasts a distinctive microclimate characterized by scorching summers and cold winters. Amidst its historic charm stand iconic landmarks like the Stone Bridge and the formidable fortress overlooking the Old Town, guarded by majestic mountains. For nearly a century, Skopje has been home to several beloved brands that embody the city’s spirit. Among these, ‘Skopsko’ beer reigns supreme, representing not just a beverage but a cultural emblem. Generations of families and individuals have savored this local brew, considering it an integral part of the Macedonian experience. In Skopje, tasting the finest of Macedonia is incomplete without sipping on a glass of ‘Skopsko’ beer, a testament to the city’s rich intangible heritage and enduring traditions.

In 2018, HAEMUS began its collaboration with Pivara Skopje AD, one of the most oldest companies in Skopje and Macedonia, renowned for its contributions to the beer industry and the promotion of beer culture across Macedonia, the wider region, and Europe. Originally established as a private investment in the early 1920s, Pivara Skopje underwent nationalization during the socialist era and subsequent privatization. Today, as part of the Coca-Cola HBC and HEINEKEN N.V. family, Pivara Skopje continues its legacy as a leading producer, shaping the beverage landscape with its rich history and innovative spirit.

The main goal of the project is scientific research on the history of “Parna Pivara AD Skopje”, which was actually the first official name of the brewery. According to the documents discovered by HAEMUS in the Archive of Yugoslavia (Belgrade, Serbia), the brewery was established on September 2, 1922, in Belgrade, and celebrated its centennial anniversary in 2022. Within the framework of the project, our task is to document successively the historical continuity of Pivara Skopje AD through research in the archives in Belgrade, Zagreb and Sofia, and of course the domestic archives, from which we would like to express our gratitude to the employees of the Archives of the City of Skopje. There we also found the original ledgers that were properly kept since the very beginnings of the company and which shed a totally unseen and interesting light on the social, economic and entertainment life of the city of Skopje in the first few decades of the 20th century.

We have also done many interviews with people who have worked at the brewery over the decades to capture the soul of the company itself. Our work included the collection of historical documents and artifacts that show the company’s tradition that is almost a century old, as well as the creation, organization and visualization of the settings from the Museum of Pivara Skopje AD.

Phase 1: 2018-2022 | Consulting, scientific research and documentation of industrial heritage of Pivara Skopje AD
Phase 2: 2023 | Foundation and consulting of Experience Center and Museum of Pivara Skopje AD
Phase 3: 2024 – ∞ | Heritage storytelling of Pivara Skopje AD

Pivara Skopje AD is an industrial heritage that complements the historical heritage of the company, while “Skopsko” beer, which was produced for the first time in August 1924 and in a few years, анд eventually became recognized as Macedonian intangible cultural heritage.

Photo for the public announcement of Pivara Skopje in 2019 on the occasion of the finding of 145 original accounting books by HAEMUS. From left to right: Lambro Patche, Maria Dimeska, Vasilka Dimitrovska (Director of HAEMUS), Dan Timotin, Tatjana Aleksovska – Sapundzioska

Part of our scientific research about Pivara Skopje AD

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