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HAEMUS found a priceless artifact about Pivara Skopje history


Do you know when Pivara Skopje was founded?

September 02, 1922

The collection of artifacts we collected about the history of Pivara Skopje has been enriched with two more books, which are of immense importance to their corporate heritage.

The State Archives has given – via HAEMUS – to Pivara Skopje two books dating back to 1924. One of the books, “Register of Beer Buyer”, testifies about the first buyers who purchased barrels with beer. The books are proof that the first beer production began in August 1924, and the first sale was made in October. In the second book, the signatures of the first customers who placed orders can be seen, such as the Shkaperda family, the Skopje Metropolitanate, the Officers’ Lodge and many more.

Lambro Patche, director of public relations and communications of Pivara Skopje said that he is grateful to both, the Skopje City Archives and HAEMUS, for the decision of the State Archives to hand over this artifact to Pivara Skopje. The constant upgrading of their collection of artifacts is of paramount importance to the company’s heritage and we are glad that such a priceless artifact goes back to where it came from long time ago.

Enriching the collection of one of the most oldest companies in Macedonia with these two artifacts is an added value in their responsible attitude towards the heritage and will contribute to a more authentic way of conveying their longstanding tradition.

We look forward to many more interesting artifacts, as well as unknown facts, that through our research will further enrich the heritage of Pivara Skopje.

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