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Iustiniana Prima itinerary


The Justiniana Prima itinerary was developed by HAEMUS team within the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Project’s Tourism Development and Promotion entitled “Western Balkans Crossroads of Civilizations” (WBCoC).

The concept of the Western Balkans Crossroads of Civilizations (WBCoC) regional umbrella identity was conceived with the aim to define the framework for development of an overarching shared regional umbrella identity. The main aim of this regional identity is threefold: to promote the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the WB6 region; to spearhead the repositioning of the region in international travel market; and to support development of high quality services, products and essential tourism infrastructure at tourist destinations.

The storytelling of the route lies in the famous and the lost city of Justiniana Prima, with the historical background of four ancient Roman cities Scupi, Stobi, Ulpiana (Justiniana Secunda) and Caricin Grad (Justiniana Prima) that were in the same time Episcopal seat and existed during the time of Emperor Justinian I.

WB Crossroads of Civilizations
Justiniana Prima itinerary
(Early Christian Episcopal seats)
Tailor made tour

Itinerary by country: Macedonia – Kosovo – Serbia
Itinerary by cities: Gradsko – Skopje – Prishtina – Lebane – Skopje
Itinerary by sites: Scupi – Stobi – Ulpiana – Caricin Grad