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Summer School for Interpretive Trainers by Interpret Europe and UNESCO


UNESCO has adopted a “values-based heritage interpretation” model developed by Interpret Europe. This will shape the future of UNESCO sites globally.

As a certified trainer in heritage interpretation, we are delighted that our Creative Director, Vasilka Dimitrovska, participated in the first Interpret Europe Trainers’ Summer School in Kontija, Croatia, joining 23 interpretive trainers from 12 European countries. The trainers enhanced their knowledge and skills in applying value-based heritage interpretation at UNESCO-designated sites. In advanced capacity-building training, Ms. Dimitrovska gained new insights for HAEMUS and we are very proud, since this highlights our commitment to education and setting new standards in cultural, natural and intangible heritage.

Thanks to this training, these professionals will support pilot sites by highlighting their core heritage values and broader socio-economic and environmental impacts, transforming them into learning environments that promote shared values of peace, intercultural dialogue, global citizenship, and sustainable development.

The event is part of the project “Making Learning Landscapes: A Pilot Training for Value-Based Heritage Interpretation at UNESCO Designated Sites in Europe.

Photos courtesy of Interpret Europe.