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Mystery magic spells unearthed with ancient skeletons in Serbia

Archaeologists are trying to decipher magic spells etched onto tiny rolls of gold and silver that they found alongside skeletons of humans buried almost...

Relief Of Danubian Horseman Found In Viminacium

Viminacium was once the seat of the Roman province of Upper Moesia and one of the most significant Roman cities and military camps in...

Meet the KORYVANTES – Association of Historical Studies

  HAEMUS and Koryvantes in Domus Scientarium Viminacium 2012 The team of HAEMUS had a great pleasure and opportunity to met twice the members of  “KORYVANTES”,...

HAEMUS will take part in Symposium Viminacium 2014

Members of HAEMUS will take part at the upcoming Symposium Viminacium 2014, scheduled from September 29th to October 3rd, 2014 in Viminacium, Pozarevac, Serbia. The...

CfP – Viminacium Symposium 2014

Archaeological Institute and Archaeological park Viminacium are pleased to announce call for presentations for the Second International Symposium at Viminacim, which will be held at...
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