Home Archaeology HAEMUS visited “Kokolov Rid” – Iron Age Tumuli Necropolis

HAEMUS visited “Kokolov Rid” – Iron Age Tumuli Necropolis


The team of HAEMUS on 19.11.2013 organized filed trip to the city of Vinica (East Macedonia) and visited both, the City Museum (Museum “Terracotta”) and the archaeological site of Kokolov Rid (iron age tumuli necropolis).

The archaeological site of Kokolov Rid at the Vinichka Krshla Village is a complex site. It is 3 km to the north-east of the City of Vinica, at the left side of Vinica – Vinichka Krshla Village road, several hundred meters to the east of the archaeological site – necropolis Krshlanski Gumenja, at a small lengthened plate, above the Sushica River.

Site: Kokolov Rid
Type: Iron Age Tumuli Necropolis
City: Vinica, Republic of Macedonia

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