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Adventures through the Old Skopje Bazaar – World Art Day 2023


On 08.04.2023 we celebrated the World Art Day and we organized an epic interactive adventure in the Old Skopje Bazaar. It was absolutely amazing with great feedback from the participants! 😍 For this occasion we’ve teemed up with the Europe House Skopje and Storytelling Skopje.

Creator and host of these unusual adventures was archaeologist Vasilka Dimitrovska, M.Sci, director of HAEMUS, heritage consultant, certified interpreter, national coordinator of Interpret Europe for Macedonia  and founder of the “Young Explorer” and “Storytelling Skopje” interpretive programs.

Her goal was to introduce participants to the traditions and old crafts that have been around for centuries. Through educational and gamified challenges, she took everyone on a journey they’ll never forget. 🗺️🧭 The themed adventure “The Quest for Master Kron’s Hat” was a total revelation for everyone who attended, promoting the magical space and atmosphere that persists through the generations in the bazaar. 💫Because of the tremendous interest from our audience, she created two gamified adventures and a thematic gamified interactive walk called “The Sounds of the Bazaar Crafts” for the same day. As part of this project, she designed and created a dozen props that she incorporated later into her Storytelling Skopje themed program activities.

With her extensive scientific research background and heritage interpretation tools, she was able to craft an immersive experience that allowed participants to learn about our heritage while having fun solving puzzles, following secret directions, and decoding codes. Throughout the adventures, their active participation is woven into every moment, fostering lasting memories and a profound connection with the local heritage. The orientation maps, which are based on a late 19th-century map of Skopje, were created with this approach in mind.