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Student conference on Balkan archaeology in Sofia (2016)


The Department of Archaeology of Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski and the National Institute of Archaeology with Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences jointly organize an international doctoral student conference. It will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria from
17 to 20 November 2016. The conference topic this year is Balkan Archaeology. Our goal is to facilitate working contacts between the youngest researchers of Balkan past. Presentations will be grouped in three sections: Prehistory, Classical Archaeology, and Mediaeval Archaeology.

All doctoral students of archaeology working in this field are welcome. We recommend that participants discuss the subjects of their presentations with their supervisors. Presentation abstracts (400–500 words) will be collected in advance and will be accessible before the start of the conference. The time allotted to each presentation will be 20 minutes.

The final day of the conference is intended for a sightseeing trip and visits to museums. The organizers will arrange hostel-style accommodation for foreign participants.

Contact: balkan.arch.16@gmail.com

Working language: English.
Participation fee: €20.

Participation requests: July 30.
(Each participation request must contain the name and status of the participant, the name of the university or other institution of higher education, and the presentation title.)
Abstract submissions: October 10.

Student conference on Balkan archaeology in Sofia-2016