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Oracles of Dionysos in Ancient Thrace


Jordan ILIEV

Oracles of Dionysos in Ancient Thrace


The focus of the article is the available information about the oracles of Dionysos in ancient Thrace. After a careful analysis of the currently know sources the author states that in the ancient Thracian lands there was not only one or two (as most modern scholars assume) but several oracles of Dionysos. The author proves this point by giving a special attention to some details in the ancient information, such as the localization of the different oracles, the features of the mantic session, the officials etc. In conclusion is summed up that although the provided by the ancient writers’ more or less detailed information, oracles of Dionysos in Thrace are not yet localized.


Key words:
Ancient divination, Dionysos, oracles, Thrace

ReferenceILIEV J., Oracles of Dionysos in Ancient Thrace, Haemus journal Vol. 2 (2013), Skopje, 61-70.

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