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HAEMUS field trip to the WW1 remains in Macedonia


Cultural heritage of the First World War in Macedonia so far has been completely unknown for both, the public and experts, within and outside Macedonia. In an attempt to discover a little piece of the modern history, HAEMUS as a center for scientific research and promotion of culture in November 2015 organized for the very first time a big international conference on topic “First World War in the collective memory – Exchange of experiences in the Balkans“. The conference was attended by experts from France, Macedonia, Greece, Romania and other countries who presented their scientific and historical research on World War I and had the opportunity to share their experiences on the subject.

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As part of the activities that promote the cultural heritage of the First World War in Macedonia, members of HAEMUS were included in the scientific group about the Eastern Front. For that purpose a mini conference at the French Institute was organized. In this context you can watch the lecture by the university professor, historian and expert on the Balkans, Bernard Lory on “The conflict of the First World War, Eastern Front and complexity of Balkan question” (24.06.2016 EU Info Center – Skopje, in French )


The Scientific Support Eastern Front group then visited the region of Mariovo (Novaci municipality). Field activities were based on surface prospecting of the Macedonian front remains during the First World War. The visit included the 1050 cote, the upstream of the Black River (Crna River, ancient Erigon), the villages Skochivir and Slivnica where the hospitals were settled during the WW1 and the field near the village of Bach which was used by the Air Forces. The photo and video documentation for some future research was made.

We would like to express our gratitude for the organization to the of Embassy of France in Skopje, the French Institute in Skopje, cooperation Normandie/Macédoine, Mayor of Novaci municipality, the association Pegasus EDU-Bitola and all those who actively participated in field research or as logistics.

Field trip to Novaci municipality, 25.06.2016