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HAEMUS part of the Fest Forum Skopje Kreativa 2018


On the 12th May 2018, Vasilka Dimitrovska – director of HAEMUS was a part of the  second festival forum dedicated to the development of the creative industries, held in MKC (Skopje) within the festival “Skopje Kreativa“. She spoke in the same session about cultural/creative tourism with representatives from ICOMOS Macedonia and the Tourism Development Agency of Macedonia.

The main aim of the presentation of Ms. Dimitrovska entitled “Palaces of Skopje – creative branding of a city” was an ongoing HAEMUS’s project focused on the “Palaces of old Skopje”which can be found in the very center of the city. In their architecture one can observe influences of many European styles, such as expressionism, art nouveau, academicism, traditionalism and the modernism, often complemented with elements from the Byzantine tradition, classicism, renaissance and baroque. This side project is a result of the extensive “Study about Intangible Cultural Heritage of Debar Maalo“, a multidisciplinary approach that HAEMUS team worked on in 2017 in order to collect material which covers the historical period between 1910-1940 in Skopje. The aim of the “Palaces of old Skopje” project is to promote and popularize the rich architectural heritage which undoubtedly left a deep trace in the architecture and art of the Macedonian capital.

The objective of the second festival forum for the development of the creative industries is a way of connecting all sectors and professions, whose main activities and topics are the focus of the creative industries. Contemporary design (product, industrial, graphic, fashion design…); traditional and modern architecture/interior (furniture design); craftwork (traditional and contemporary methods); the new media: video-film, animation, video games, TV, radio, photography; the IT sector: web-design, software design, artificial intelligence…; education and publishing; the non-material and material cultural heritage in the museums, galleries, libraries, archaeological sites; creative PR, marketing and management; and culture tourism – are all considered to be part of the field of creative industries. The festival forum provides exclusive and purposeful networking opportunities, thus enriching its database and enabling professionals to meet, introduce themselves, and get to know one another through their work and creativity; whilst feeling, recognizing and familiarizing themselves with the possibilities for content connections and collaborative intersections. The creative industries are an inspiration, drawn from experiences from the past, and transformed into contemporary pieces and media. Together, we connect, and together we fight various challenges, all for the purpose of a better everyday life. The participants of this forum will have the chance to introduce their latest (newest) project achievements, as well as the stages of their development and contribution.