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Grandma March Day – cultural practices on the Balkans Catalog


Last year HAEMUS designed, organized and host the international exhibition “Grandma March Day – cultural practices on the Balkans”. The project was implemented by the institutional cross-border partnership ”National Identities within the United Europe”, signed between: HAEMUS – center for scientific research and promotion of culture (Skopje, Republic of Macedonia), Mihalaki Georgiev Regional Library (Vidin, Bulgaria), Buzau County Museum (Buzau, Romania) and Library Cultural Center (Kladovo, Serbia).

Beside the exibition itself, for the promotion of the event offline and online different types of materials were designed: posters, flyers, catalog etc. The main reason to organize an international event such as this exhibition is an application to UNESCO to recognize traditional amulet martinki/mártenitsa/mărţişor as an intangible world cultural heritage and to support the ongoing UNESCO application supplemented by Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova.

Bellow you can find and download the official multilingual printed catalog in Macedonian, English, Romanian and Bulgarian language supplemented with a lot of photographs. We hope you will find it very informative and educative and please share it, sharing is caring for our mutual world heritage.