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CfP: Conference – Culture and civilization in the Lower Danube


The international session “Culture and civilization in the Lower Danube” (East and West Sixteenth Edition) will take place from October 14-17th at the Muzeul Dunării de Jos – Călărași (Romania).

Calarasi-Razgrad, Ruse 2013

The abstracts should be sent in a foreign language with summary in Romanian, until September 10th and the articles will be included in the museum’s publication: “Culture and civilization in the Lower Danube” (volumes XXX-XXXI).

Official language of the conference is English, French and German. The following thematic sessions are part of the conference:

– Lower Danube between the Balkans and Carpathians. Identities and cultural contacts
– Danube cities as commercial and military centers: port installations, fortifications, bridges, roads in the world of Greco – Roman;
– Medieval fortresses and settlements on the Lower Danube: Economy, money, culture
– House Danube (in collaboration with the Regional Museum of Razgrad).
– Museums, Monuments and Turism ( in collaboration with Regional Museum Ruse)


On 14th and 17th October the trips to Bulgaria will be organized. The documentation is required (ID card or passport) regarding the crossing into Bulgaria.
Hosting institution provides accommodation on the evening of October 13th for colleagues coming abroad.

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