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New Look For Ancient Olympia Sanctuary


Ancient Olympia, the sanctuary of ancient Greece in Elis, global symbol and sacred location of the Games in ancient Greece, will get a face-lifting in some parts because of excavations and reconfiguring, according to the Central Archaeological Council (KAS.)

The changes also have to do with adopting proposals for studies in the area. One project adopted unanimously by the members of KAS includes three parts: the processing of Eastern Arcade of the Gymnasium (rectangle building with an internal courtyard and arcades in the four sides), which includes the siting of a new entrance and service facilities for visitors), the retaining wall of the Treasuries and the retaining of the excavation slopes at the altar of Demeter Chamyne, developing the monument.

In the northwestern part of the Sanctuary, next to the riverbed of Kladeos river, there is the Ancient Gymnasium of Olympia. In this area, a traffic calming road for pedestrians and bicycles will be constructed.

The entrance to the archaeological site is also expected to be sited easternly of its current location, officials said, adding that the changes aim at opening this ancient location and lightening the space of the existing buildings.

Source: greekreporter.com