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Istanbul Statement 2012

Statement by Yildiz Technical University and ICOMOS-ICORP
from the International Symposium on Cultural Heritage Protection in Times of Risk: Challenges and Opportunities,
15 – 17 November, 2012 at Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey.

This Statement is made on the 40th Anniversary of the adoption of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention on 16 November, 1972.

Understanding that past civilizations have formed the foundations of today’s societies and that our cultural heritage will continue to shape and inform communities into the future,


Recognizing that cultural heritage is constantly at risk from natural and human-induced disasters, including armed conflict, some of which are not always predictable,

The Istanbul Statement recommends that all risk preparedness, disaster response and recovery strategies should address cultural heritage in parallel with practical humanitarian needs, as disaster recovery is also a wider and longer-term social process.

Specifically the Istanbul Statement recommends that:

Read more at: http://icorp.icomos.org/

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