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HAEMUS part of the Serbian Archaeological Society Conference 2021


Vasilka Dimitrovska, director of HAEMUS was part of the 44th Annual meeting of the Serbian Archaeological Society conference that took place in Pirot, Serbia,13 – 15th October 2021. Presentations were organized in regular sections of the SAS, thus the presentation entitled “Why do we need interpretation tools and how to visualize them” by HAEMUS was presented within the block of archaeological heritage interpretation.

In the presentation were include several examples and programs from the heritage interpretation developed by HAEMUS (such as The Martinki custom, Scupini Romani, and Educative Interpretive tours), that encourage choice towards recognizing the deeper meaning, the transformation of heritage objects presented through experience, and that provokes a resonance that will last a long time and connect it all to the universal values ​​of life,

Also, a short summary of the 2019 Macedonian documentary movie “Honey Land”  was included, as a good example of visualizing the natural and heritage interpretation.

By making heritage more meaningful to people who care more about our common future, we can significantly improve visitor experiences and this is the greatest contribution if someone wants their place to be memorable, the local community more connected, and visitors further enriched with deep experiences. Interpretation tools are there to provide everyone with an experience that visitors will remember for a lifetime.