Home Architecture HAEMUS published “The Modernist Architecture of Skopje” guidebook

HAEMUS published “The Modernist Architecture of Skopje” guidebook


The devastating earthquake struck Skopje at 05:17 AM, on 26.07.1963. Although it suffered a disaster, Skopje received a tremendous human and financial assistance by eighty eight countries worldwide. The city was completely reconstructed and it became the pride of brotherhood and unity of Yugoslavia at that time, and a symbol of global solidarity. After the earthquake, Skopje experienced an architectural expansion. In a short period, from a city of debris, it was transformed into a modern city following all global architectural movements of that time.

The purpose of this guide is to show the development of the modernist architecture in Skopje during the socialist times. The buildings belonging to different styles are organized by their vital role in the economic, cultural and public life of the city, offering a glimpse in the human connection of the places that are still shaping the local communities.

Every building is followed by a short info, location and available times for visit. The objects are additionally organized in tours with maps and recommendations for walks and itineraries through the magnificent examples of Skopje’s modernist architecture. The information is intended for all aficionados of architecture, especially of the brutalist architecture, since Skopje is considered to have the largest collection of brutalist concrete buildings that reflect the inspiring cosmic spatial design architecture.

Title: The Modernist Architecture of Skopje – Guidebook
Author: Vasilka Dimitrovska
Publisher: HAEMUS
Publication date: 2020, Skopje
Language: English
ISBN: ISBN 978-608-65538-6-9
Format: Printed edition and E-book
Number of pages: 40
Size: 135×210 mm