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HAEMUS work included as a case studies in the Interpret Europe’s book


At the last web conference, Interpret Europe presented the results of their Western Balkan initiative and announced the release of the brochure ‘Fostering communities through heritage interpretation: Case studies from the Western Balkan region’. The brochure contains 17 case studies that fulfill IE’s criteria for good heritage interpretation and several additional examples that show excellence in a particular area of work. The focus of all studies was on the active involvement of heritage communities.

Among these studies are two cases managed by HAEMUS. The first case study on good practice examples in heritage interpretation includes our project “Grandma March Day“, dedicated to the “Martinki” custom. This custom since 2017 is inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative Intangible Heritage List and

HAEMUS is safeguarding from oblivion this Balkan tradition in Macedonia.

Guest appearance of HAEMUS at Telma National Television

The second case study that is comprised of projects that show excellence in certain aspects of interpretation is our program “SCUPINI ROMANI“. As it is stated in the manual “The project, Scupini Romani, shows creativity and flexibility in heritage interpretation with a strong willingness to focus on affinity with the audience which is praiseworthy“. Dedicated to the interpretation of Ancient Roman heritage and culture and allowing variations that depend on the circumstances, Scupini Romani very easily can adapt to visitors.

Granma March Day exhibition by HAEMUS in City Mall Skopje in 2016, photo: Damjan Korobar (left) and the Scupini Romani festival by HAEMUS in 2016 in Skopje, photo: Novica Kuzmanoski (right)

With this publication, Interpret Europe is moving from ‘Fostering heritage communities’ to their next initiative on recreating tourism through heritage interpretation which will include more regions. In their upcoming newsletter, you will find some information about this.

You can download the brochure here.

Guest appearance of HAEMUS at MRTV National Television