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HAEMUS will take part in the upcoming “Pearls boat” documentary


The HAEMUS team will participate in the upcoming movie project “Pearls boat”, which brings together film makers, researchers and producers from Macedonia and Turkey to work together on this documentary. This documentary will show the historical and cultural heritage of the two countries and the two nations who share many common values.

The project is the result of a long-time scientific and research work and will offer a fresh insight of history, including the monuments and charismatic historical characters, showing an emotional love side that is not so familiar.

The stories begin in Turkey and they shine like pearls. The main character Ms. Regina Ikonomovska, who at the same time is a screenwriter and coordinator of the project, puts them along the way in her own stories while writing the book “Pearls boat”. The end of each story is in the former Rumelia, today Republic of Macedonia.

Short plot: Regina, a writer from Macedonia, sets out an adventurous expedition to explore the hidden side of history and the mystique and exotic taste of the orient. In Macedonian, biseri – pearls – are stories shaped in time and space…stories of sufferings, dreams and the feats of remarkable characters, powerful and yet as fragile as ordinary people. This journey through time culminates in a surprising discovery of Macedonia as a masterpiece, a fusion of East and West, spiced with love.

The film is financially supported by Macedonia and Turkey state and private sector, sending a message for peace and unity as a strong bridge in both cultures, especially in the film industry.

  • Producer: Afrim Farizi
  • Director: Aleksandar Zikov
  • Screenwriter: Regina Ikonomovska
  • Sound Designer: Darko Spasovski
  • Music: Fatos Lumani, Predrag Ikonomovski
  • Principal Cast: Regina Ikonomovska, Nikolina Vasilevska, Teodora Atanasievska
  • Heritage consultant: HAEMUS
  • MK | Pre-Production | Produced by Dea Production & Arka Media Dooel
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