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HAEMUS and OER Macedonia project


A team representing Haemus was part of the Open Educational Resources coordinative group. This group, established by the Metamorphosis Foundation Macedonia, aims to transfer the knowledge and experience of its members to the general public through lectures, presentations, workshops and conferences.

One project of utmost importance in the field of Open Educational Resources (OER) is that of Wikipedia, the open encyclopedia  The scope of knowledge, information and content pertaining to all areas of science, history, technology and popular culture make Wikipedia a truly unique project of global relevance. Given the importance of Wikipedia for the OER, the workshops conducted by OER Macedonia include a Wikipedia learning and training module. This module was prepared and implemented by Vasilka Dimitrovska, MA, co-founder of Haemus and a long-time member of Wikimedia Macedonia. For this purpose, Ms. Dimitrovska prepared several presentations in order to present useful Wikipedia tools for sharing open knowledge. Participants from all the universities in the Republic of Macedonia were familiarized with the techniques and tools of this open collaborative encyclopedia and were invited to contribute content pertaining to the specific areas of their scholarly interest.

Open Educational Resources workshop at FINKI University

OER Macedonia concluded with the 8th International e-Society.mk Conference 2012: “Open Education for an Open Society – Share the Knowledge”. The conference lasted for two days; the topics allowed an exchange of experiences, ideas and recommendations for the future development of education, supported by the use of new technologies and the concept of free sharing. Topics were developed, related to open educational resources and open access, as well as to the legal and institutional pre-requisites for their development in the region. The participants analyzed the role of the civil society in the process of creating resources used in the formal, but primarily in the non-formal education process.

Ms. Dimitrovska took part in the Conference as a representative of Haemus – Center for Scientific Research and Promotion of Culture, speaking about archaeology, history, cultural heritage, and the importance of science and online education. Haemus Journal was officially promoted during the Conference.