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Greek Museum Treasures in Plovdiv


plovdiv museumThe opportunity to “approach” the immortal glory of art and culture of ancient Greece is being offered to the residents of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, at the city’s archaeological museum hosting the exhibition, History in signs and symbols. Treasures from Greek Museums.

The exhibition, organized with the support of the Embassy of Greece in Sofia, the Greek General Consulate of Plovdiv and 11 Greek banks and companies, opened on May 30 and was attended by many people and many Bulgarian intellectuals. This is a very important cultural event for the whole country, and the preparation for its implementation had started three years ago.

Within the next six months, residents of the Bulgarian city as well as other visitors will have the opportunity to admire 195 exhibits from ancient Greece, which are of inestimable historical and archaeological value.

The exhibits include numerous high-value coins, stamps, jewelry and pottery from the museums of Thebes, Thessaloniki, Argos, Lamia and Athens.

“History in signs and symbols. Treasures from Greek Museums sheds some light on a three thousand-year journey of Greek culture throughout the world,” George Kakavas, Director of the Numismatic Museum, and Deputy Head of the National Archaeological Museum said.

As he stressed at a press conference in Plovdiv, “There is a particular symbolism to the deep historical roots of the cohabitation of the peoples in the Balkans in the two evenly pottery, one of which was in Athens and the other one near the current city of Bulgaria named Brezovo.”

In his greeting speech, the Greek ambassador to Sofia, Thrasyvoulos Stamatopoulos, warmly welcomed the fact that, “the exhibition begins its ‘Bulgarian’ voyage to the historic, beautiful and welcoming Plovdiv”.

Source: eu.greekreporter.com