International-archaeology-day-2014 by HAEMUS

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HAEMUS joins the International Archaeology Day 2014

To celebrate the International Day of Archaeology 2014, the Center for Scientific Research and Promotion of Culture “HAEMUS” – Skopje invites you to a series of lectures in the field of archaeology starting at 19:00, on...

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Haemus and EAA 2014 -6

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HAEMUS at the EAA conference 2014 in Istanbul

Members of HAEMUS took part at the European Association of Archaeologist‘ 20th annual meeting, held in September 10-14, 2014, at at the Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey. In the official program two archaeologists from our...

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HAEMUS partcipated in the international workshop – Tracing pottery making recipes in the...

Members of HAEMUS participated at the international workshop ‘Tracing pottery making recipes in the Balkans, 6th – 4th millennium BC‘. The event took place on September 19-20.2014 at the Serbian Academy of Science and it was...

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Bislim canyon info board 1

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HAEMUS part of the project about Bislim canyon – tourist attraction of Kumanovo

HAEMUS is one of the official partners in the project about „Bislim canyon – tourist attraction of Kumanovo“ commissioned by North-Eastern Planning region - Macedonia. The main aim of the project is promotion of the Bislim canyon, a...

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NER routes

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HAEMUS part of the Study for mapping of tourist routes in Northeastern region

HAEMUS is one of the official partners in the ‘Study for mapping of tourist routes in Northeastern region‘ commissioned by North-Eastern Planning region - Macedonia. After Bislim canyon project, this was the second big project...

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Tables for Byslim canyon 1

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HAEMUS will take part in Symposium Viminacium 2014

Members of HAEMUS will take part at the upcoming Symposium Viminacium 2014, scheduled from September 29th to October 3rd, 2014 in Viminacium, Pozarevac, Serbia. The following abstract will be included in thematic sessions as a part of the...

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Upcoming event by HAEMUS - International Archaeology Day 2014

HAEMUS organizes Balkan Prehistoric Conference 2015


HAEMUS - part of the EAA conference 2014 in Istanbul

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Skopje Aqueduct

October 14, 2014, Comments Off

Climate Change and Cultural Heritage in the Republic of...

Although quite often omitted from impact assessments, vulnerability studies, or policy priorities with regard to climate change, cultural heritage...

Expo Heritage Turkey 2015

Expo Heritage Turkey 2015

October 13, 2014, Comments Off

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October 12, 2014, Comments Off

Book: Squaring the Circle – Neolithic Way (Balkans)

Original title Ненад Н. Тасић НЕОЛИТСКА КВАДРАТУРА КРУГА The book in front of you comes as an invitation and a...


Books: Geophysics in Archaeology

May 14, 2014, Comments Off


HAEMUS published Haemus journal Vol.2 (2013)

April 23, 2014, Comments Off

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October 8, 2014, Comments Off

Oracles of Dionysos in Ancient Thrace

Jordan ILIEV Oracles of Dionysos in Ancient Thrace Abstract The focus of the article is the available information about the oracles of Dionysos in...

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Expo Heritage Turkey 2015

October 13, 2014, Comments Off

Expo Heritage Turkey 2015

HERITAGE 2015 “Restoration, Archeology and Museum Technologies” Trade Fair and Conferences will be held between 5 – 7 February 2015 at the...

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