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We’ve created ‘Skopje’s treasure hunt’ as a part of a joint Erasmus project


In the past we have implemented several projects for “Young Explorer” in the form of tours through various locations in Skopje, which became a part of the activities that were included in our exciting ‘Skopje’s Treasure Hunt”

With our creativity as well as educational and pedagogical character of our program ‘Young Explorer‘, we have been invited to join the Erasmus+ KA229 project ‘Young journalists today – responsible digital citizens tomorrow’ that involves professors and students from several primary schools in Europe, mostly from Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Romania.

While creating and visualizing the educational game for students during their exchange in Skopje, we tested successfully our educational and interpretive ‘Skopje’s Treasure Hunt’ which joins both Skopje walking tour and treasure hunt activities with a doze of education and fun.

We invite you to take a look at some of our super fun treasure hunt, which was enriched with exciting prizes for the winners at the end.

Write to us and we will tackle your curiosity with our ‘Skopje’s Treasure Hunt’ activity designed both for students and adults and adapted for individuals as well as for small and larger groups.

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