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True Love: Ancient Romeo And Juliet Found In Romania


Archaeologists investigating a Dominican monastery courtyard found, as media refers to them, Romanian Romeo and Juliet. The skeletons found belong to a young couple who was buried holding hands.


Experts from the Institute of Archaeology of Cluj-Napoca are currently investigating the site, which was presumably used as a cemetery, but their attention is primarily drawn to two skeletons, because the double burials in this period have been extremely rare.

‘This is a mystery and a rarity. We see that the man suffered a serious hip injury from which he probably died, and we assume that that the hit was done by a blunt and heavy object,” said lead researcher Adrian Rusu and added “The young woman was healthy and some suggest that she died of grief for the loss of her partner.”


Rusu explained that that excludes suicide, which at that time was a sin, and even if it was a suicide, they could not possibly end up in the same grave, and at the holy place.

“Obviously they were buried together in respect for the love they felt for each other,” concludes Rusu, adding that they were buried between the 1450. and 1550. year.

Source: inserbia.info