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Climate Change and Cultural Heritage in the Republic of Macedonia

Although quite often omitted from impact assessments, vulnerability studies, or policy priorities with regard to climate change, cultural heritage will also be affected by...

HAEMUS will take part in Symposium Viminacium 2014

Members of HAEMUS will take part at the upcoming Symposium Viminacium 2014, scheduled from September 29th to October 3rd, 2014 in Viminacium, Pozarevac, Serbia. The...

CfP – Viminacium Symposium 2014

Archaeological Institute and Archaeological park Viminacium are pleased to announce call for presentations for the Second International Symposium at Viminacim, which will be held at...

Transforming the rural fabric of the Carpathian Villages in Romania

The villages of Romania, particularly those in Southern Saxon Transylvania, are a unique survival. These villages, the hay meadows and the forests which surround them...

Can Privatization Save the Treasures of Ancient Greece?

In the wake of government austerity, some closest to Greece's treasures are advocating turning them over to private companies Many objects dug from the earth...

HAEMUS received certificate of achievement by the Biology Students’ Research Society

In summer 2013, HAEMUS was one of the sponsors of the Biology Students’ Research Society field trip at the Mount of Korab. After successful...
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