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Construction of Thessaloniki’s metro system has revealed wealth of archaeological finds

The Thessaloniki metro system aspires to be the “most modern metro system in the whole of Europe.” That, however, is contingent upon its completion....

Major archaeological discovery in Romania

Archaeologists delved over 100 silver and one gold coins, along with more a few hundred small items, ten thousands pottery fragments dating from the...

Bioarchaeology in the Balkans. Balance and perspectives

Selena Vitezović for HAEMUS News The book „Bioarheologija na Balkanu. Bilans i perspektive (Bioarchaeology in the Balkans. Balance and perspectives)“, editors N. Miladinović-Radmilović and S. Vitezović (publishers:...

Early human occupation in the Balkans: Balanica cave complex

Professor Mirjana Roksandic (paleonathropologist at the Department of Anthropology, University of Winnipeg) joined Dusan Mihailovic's (University of Belgrade) team in 2006 to study early...

Constantinople’s city rival during the ancient era

An ancient city located close to the Dalyan village, by the coast of the Marmara Sea in the northwestern province of Çanakkale’s Ezine district,...

Bulgaria archaeologists find ancient wine cellar

A team of archaeologists, headed by Associate Professor Aneliya Bozhkova with the National Archaeological Institute with Museum with the Bulgarian Academy of Science, and...
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