Home Architecture HAEMUS published ‘Skopje tourist guide’ for Young Explorers

HAEMUS published ‘Skopje tourist guide’ for Young Explorers


HAEMUS recently published the “Skopje Tourist Guide for Young Explorers” within our edition “Young Explorer“, an educational program and platform with pedagogical character, designed for children and the younger population in general.

It is a carefully designed book with appropriate illustrations adapted for children at the age 7-14, containing an information that allows every children and youngster to explore the city of Skopje and find out secrets thousands of years old.

This travel guide through Skopje gives everyone an exciting opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the city and some of its most important landmarks in a fun, educative and creative way. In addition to the beautiful illustrations, the guide contains an interactive map enabling independent exploring through Skopje as a real young researcher. The book also contains a terminological dictionary through which the kids will learn all the professional terms that will help them in their discoveries and further travels.

Title: Tourist Guide trough Skopje for Young Explorers
Author: Vasilka Dimitrovska
Illustration: Katerina Nikolovska
Publisher: HAEMUS
Year of publication: 2021
Language: Macedonian
Description: 13 pg. : illustrated; 21 см
ISBN: 978-608-4948-05-6
COBISS.MK-ID: 55013893