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Exhibition in Skopje by National Geographic Western Balkans Geotourism



The Stewardship Council invites you to the opening of the international travelling Exhibition of photographs in Skopje.

Kursumli AnSkopje Old Bazaar
April 03, 2013, 15:00h (Cocktail reception)

Entrance: FREE

National Geographic Western Balkans Geotourism

About the Council: National Geographic Western Balkans Council together with USAID RCI have undertaken serious initiative of empowering regional tourism by launching the Regional Portal and forming a strong network, cooperating on further initiatives in the region.

Participating countries are: Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro.

About the Exhibition: This exhibition was held in Washington DC 18-22, June 2012 to promote the public launch of the web site. First next stop on the Balkans is Skopje and continuing on the Balkans and Europe! 60 amazing photos published at Western Balkans Portal of National Geographic photos that you would be proud of and wouldn’t like to miss.

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A National Geographic Traveler & USAID special supplement – The Western Balkans – Land of Discovery include 46 outstanding ways to Experience Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

Download – 3,17 MB