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Colaboration of HAEMUS and Pivara Skopje AD

Postcard from Skopje Square in the 1920s

HAEMUS recently started a long-term collaboration with Pivara Skopje AD, one of the oldest companies in Skopje and Macedonia. Pivara Skopje AD is a distinguished brand in Macedonia and its capital, which earned its well-deserved place in the beer production business and the beer culture in Macedonia, as well as in the wider region and Europe. The company, which has started its journey as a private investment back in the 1920s; during the socialism period it was nationalized, while today it is a part of the large Heineken corporation.

Original 0,7l bottle from 1924, from the begging of Parna Pivara AD Skopje


The main goal of the project is a scientific-research study about the history of “Parna Pivara AD Skopje”. This is the first official name of the more than 95 years old brewery, which translates into “Steam-Powered Brewery PLC Skopje”. Within the project it is necessary to document the historic continuity of “Pivara Skopje AD” through a research in the archives in Belgrade, Zagreb and Sofia, and collecting of historic documents and artifacts that showcase the almost a century old tradition of the company which is an industrial heritage that complements the historic heritage of our country, while the beer “Skopsko”, which for the first time was produced in August 1924, in a few years will officially become a Macedonian intangible cultural heritage.

Postcards which depicts Skopje’s square from different perspectives in 1927, from the time of Parna Pivara AD Skopje