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CfP for contributions to a thematic block – INTANGIBLE CULTURE AS HERITAGE, Narodna umjetnost 51/1


INTANGIBLE CULTURE AS HERITAGE : Call for proposals for contributions to a thematic block, Narodna umjetnost 51/1

narodna umjetnost 47-2Intangible culture, living heritage, is both a real and a symbolic part of the social and cultural life of a community. Care for the preservation of that heritage is part of the cultural policy, which directly influences the processes that unfold in the development of human communities and in their everyday life. The UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (2003) has now been in force for ten years. In this period, different questions have been asked at different levels of implementation, and paradoxes or issues have been raised that lend themselves to discussion and consideration. Some of them relate to long-standing debates predating the Convention. Please find some of them below, but note that authors are welcome to expand the list in accordance with their interests, experience and knowledge:


1.) cultural policy, local communities, power relations, dress, changes
2.) the role of committed scholars, reflectiveness, the relation between the researcher and the collocutor, as well as administration
3.) terminology, criteria
4.) copyright, intellectual property
5.) commercialisation, economy, media, cultural industry, tourism > sustainable heritage tourism
6.) information and communication technology (ICT), innovativeness, networking of bearers, institutions and users
7.) dialects and/or local speech, traditional nutrition, performing arts, knowledge, cultural expressions… as heritage

The instructions for authors are available at: 


Manuscripts should be submitted electronically at the URL: http://hrcak.srce.hr/ojs/index.php/nu

Manuscripts should be submitted until 1st February 2014.

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