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Series of archaeological lectures in Skopje by prof. Dr Philipp Niewöhner

Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje Faculty of Philosophy The Faculty of Philosophy is pleased to announce the forthcoming course in Archaeology and Art History to...

Kosovo hails discovery of ancient Roman site

Kosovo's Ministry of Culture hailed the discovery of the 300-square-meter Roman-era site in Dresnik, in Klina municipality, northwest Kosovo as “one of the most...

Construction of Thessaloniki’s metro system has revealed wealth of archaeological finds

The Thessaloniki metro system aspires to be the “most modern metro system in the whole of Europe.” That, however, is contingent upon its completion....

CALL FOR PAPERS. CONFERENCE: Bridging the Danube, April 11-12, 2014

Bridging the Danube. Roman occupation and interaction along the Middle Danube Valley, 1st-5th c. AD April 11-12, 2014   Conference Organizers: Doina Benea (CSIATim) Eric C. De Sena (ARCS) Călin...

Intact Eggshell Found in Ritual Deposit in Turkey

Two pots, each containing small bronze tools, a pierced eggshell (one of which was intact), and a coin, have been uncovered on top of...

Major archaeological discovery in Romania

Archaeologists delved over 100 silver and one gold coins, along with more a few hundred small items, ten thousands pottery fragments dating from the...
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