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  • HAEMUS lectures at Buzău County Museum, Romania

    on Dec 10, 15 • in Archaeology, Conference, Lecturing, Management, Museum, News, Our Activity, Republic of Macedonia, Romania • with Comments Off on HAEMUS lectures at Buzău County Museum, Romania

    On 26.11 and 27.11.2015, an international conferences in collaboration between HAEMUS and the Buzău County Museum as a host institution, was organized at the amphitheater of the Buzău County Museum. The topics such as “Managing the heritage somewhere between an archaeology and Indiana Jones?” and ’How cultural institutions from 21st century can involve the teenagers in management of the heritage: education, promotion and values”, were address both, to young people and teachers. The lectures intended to present the ways of managing the archaeological heritage in particular and cultural heritage in general. The conferences draw a

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  • Archaeological Museum of Macedonia – photo gallery of artifacts

    on Dec 8, 14 • in Archaeology, Cultural heritage, Exhibition, Museum, News, Republic of Macedonia • with Comments Off on Archaeological Museum of Macedonia – photo gallery of artifacts

    In October 2014 in Skopje, the new Archaeological Museum of Macedonia officially was opened as a national institution form the highest rank in the protecting and presenting the cultural heritage of the Republic of Macedonia.  More than 6,000 artifacts from all historical periods, from prehistory until the Middle Ages are presented to the public on three floors and an area of ​​6,000 square meters. The museum has several departments of prehistoric archeology, ancient and medieval archeology, numismatics cabinet, Lapidarium, anthropological setting. Besides the rich archaeological exhibition, the museum also features glass cabinets, 15 wax figures,

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  • Expo Heritage Turkey 2015

    on Oct 13, 14 • in Archaeology, Conference, Conservation, Cultural heritage, Exhibition, News, Our Activity, Turkey • with Comments Off on Expo Heritage Turkey 2015

    HAEMUS signed an agreement and became official partner for Expo Heritage Turkey 2015 HERITAGE 2015 “Restoration, Archeology and Museum Technologies” Trade Fair and Conferences will be held between 5 – 7 February 2015 at the Istanbul Lutfi Kıtrdar Convention & exhibition Center aiming to bring together the institutions, universities, governmental bodies, associations with the companies and suppliers from the sector which are working to conserve, preserve and transfer the historic and artistic assets of our country to future. Organization’s mission is; to create an agenda throughout Turkey, to create a sectoral trade mark to be

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  • Athens To Display 25 Masterpieces From Greece & Italy

    on Aug 25, 14 • in Archaeology, Art, Exhibition, Greece, Museum, News • with Comments Off on Athens To Display 25 Masterpieces From Greece & Italy

    Twenty-five masterpieces from Greece and Italy will be displayed at an art exhibition at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens as of late August. The exhibition is entitled “Classicism and Europe: The European destiny of Greece and Italy” and first launched in March at the “Palazzo del Quirinale” in Rome. It has been set up by the two EU presidencies, the Greek presidency that ended in June and the Italian that began in the second half of 2014. The iconic works from museums in Greece and Italy will be displayed in the exhibition halls at

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  • Museum lovers spoiled for choice as number of facilities in Turkey on rise

    on Jan 3, 14 • in Archaeology, Etnology, History, Management, Museum, News, Turkey • with Comments Off on Museum lovers spoiled for choice as number of facilities in Turkey on rise

    Museum buffs have reason to smile in Turkey, with dozens of new facilities opening around the country to show off the nation’s heritage and artifacts. The number of museums increased to 370 over the past three years with new ones such as the world’s largest mosaic museum, the Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaic Museum, the Kırşehir Kaman Kalehöyük Archaeology Museum, the Eskişehir Eti Archaeology Museum, the Aydın Museum, as well as the Tokat Archaeology and Ethnography Museum. Thanks to assistance from the Culture and Tourism Ministry, many of the new museums now feature digital technology and animations

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  • Germany returns lost ancient artifacts to Kosovo

    on Feb 25, 13 • in Archaeology, Art, Kosovo, Museum, Neolithic, News, Serbia • with Comments Off on Germany returns lost ancient artifacts to Kosovo

    Kosovo’s culture minister on Friday said Germany had returned seven millennia-old artifacts that were smuggled out during the 1998-1999 war with Serbia and were unexpectedly found in a German police raid, AFP reports. The seven terracotta items, including a small bowl, date back to the neolithic era, between 3,500 to 4,000 BC. They were found by German police in an unrelated investigation against two Serbs several years ago, Memli Krasniqi said, adding that it took a while to confirm the items came from Kosovo. According to the minister, Serbia stole scores of artefacts from Kosovo during the

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