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Grandma March Day 2014

Happy Grandma March Day 2014

On March 01, 2014, at 11:00 am, UNESCO Club HAEMUS hosted a public event at Skopje City Mall entitled “Grandma March” Day. Happy First of March! (mk. Среќна Баба Марта) is an annual event held by HAEMUS on 01.03. celebrating both, the beginning of the spring and ancient tradition connected with wearing of martinki (mk. мартинки). The event was supported by Cultural Heritage Protection Office and Institute of folklore “Marko Cepenkov”.


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27.02.2014 Promotional video by HAEMUS, about the event Happy “Grandma March” Day organized by UNESCO Club HAEMUS [more]


01.03.2014 Vasilka Dimitrovska, president of HAEMUS, was guest at the national television SITEL speaking about the work of HAEMUS as a part of the UNESCO application to protect the martinki as an intangible world heritage [more]


For the Official Announcement submitted to UNESCO Headquarter by HAEMUS click here