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Ottoman heritage on the territory of Republic of Macedonia

Otoman architecture is the architecture of the Otoman Empire. Cultural and historical monuments from the Ottoman period in Republic of Macedonia are all those architectural structures that are built from the moment of arrival of the Turks in January 1391, up until the Balkan wars (1912-1913), and stayed preserved in authentic or reconstructed form. Due to the historical circumstances, these monuments have been restored and rebuilt many times, and today, beside the status of monuments of culture, they have a new purpose in the cultural life of Macedonia. Islamic religious buildings are open every day, but due to the practice of their religious rituals (12:00 p.m, 16:30 p.m, 19:30 p.m) it is the best to announce your visit beforehand.


Ottoman heritage tour of Skopje with Vasilka Dimitrovska, co-founder of HAEMUS, professional archaeologist and professional tourist guide

Ottoman heritage in Skopje (more)

The architectural heritage of the Ottoman Empire left impressive monuments in Skopje, mostly visible in the old part of the city. Due to the presence of Islamic buildings, the old part known as the Old Bazaar got an oriental shape in the late middle ages. These buildings suffered from the earthquake in 1555, the great fire from the Austrian general Piccolomini in 1689, as well as the fire in Skopje from 1910 and the disastrous earthquake in 1963 (more info).

Mustafa Pasha Mosque (1492)
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Ottoman heritage in Bitola

During the Ottoman period the city was known as the city of the councils, being then the second largest city in the European part of the Ottoman Empire and due to its size and importance, numerous cultural and historical monuments from this period have been preserved. Among them are 500 houses built in the 19th and beginning of the 20th century which represent several architectural styles, as well as monumental architecture including the Old Bazaaar with picturesque buildings, Bezisten and Hajji Bey Mosque, Isak Beg Mosque, Yeni Mosque, Gazi Haydar Kadi Mosque, Yeni Bath, the Clock Tower.

Ottoman heritage in Shtip

The Ottoman empire in the city of Shtip left monuments which are still preserved and visible in the town. Many of them are declared as a cultural and historic monuments from the Ottoman period, such as: Emir Kucuk Sultan’s bridge, the clock tower, the Bezisten, Kadin Ana mosque and Husa Medin-Pasha Mosque.


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